Facebook Art Challenge. Day one.

My friend and fellow photog Patrick M. Early nominated me to participate in a 5 Day Facebook Art Challenge. I usually don’t do Facebook challenges but how could I say no to Pat? Apparently if he hadn’t nominated me friend and artist Cheryl Kugler would have. The cool thing is that this year marks a 1/4 century of photography for me. 25 years and I still love what I do. It has changed quite a bit. Of course digital technology has changed my workflow completely (for the better) and then I made the leap from news to commercial and marketing in 2006. This little challenge allows me to look back and reflect a little. The good…and the bad. So the challenge is to post 3 pieces of art a day for 5 days. After shooting for so long I really don’t have a favorite…I have a few images I love, many I like and many more I hate. I love strong graphic images (no, not that kind) I love leading lines, silhouettes, popping colors, and breaking the rules. The red light shot was done about 20 years ago in Reedsville. I was hunting up a feature for the next day’s paper. The dim, dreary day allowed me to create this silhouette of construction workers on a roof while retaining the lit traffic lights. I also liked the crazy power lines cutting up the frame. This was a news image therefore no photoshopping was done beyond burning and dodging. In the fire photo I like the leading line of the fire hose and roaring fire. Any closer to the action and I would have needed turnout gear (and a hose). I found the summer waterfall feature at Laughlin Mill in Newville. It was just a fun hot weather feature photo with a twist. The water running over the kids makes it surreal and sort of resembles an oil painting. Not long after I captured this “no trespassing” signs were placed nearby. So that’s day 1.


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(Jason Minick, is owner/photographer at Minick Photography)


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