Facebook Art Challenge Day 2.

So it’s day 2 of the 5 Day Facebook Art Challenge. Yesterday I posted 3 of my favorite, stronger graphic images (again no, not that kind). Today I will change it up. In 2001 I traveled across Bosnia as a photojournalist with an American relief group, TWI For The Children, documenting their work with displaced orphans and refugees caught up in the war. The project was life altering. I quickly saw a side of life I had never encountered or documented. It was war torn. There was a lot anti-American sentiment too (I found that out first hand). I think I even made our guide and friend Vjekoslav Saje a bit nervous at times. There were still a lot of unexploded landmines and I liked to explore. So the photos here… the faces of the orphans say it all really. The photo of the bullet ridden, blown out home is not an award winning photo…just story telling. There were many homes like this. Still, life cycles on, and during the few hours children are in summer camps, they seem to forget they are homeless, orphaned and sometimes, disabled. I plan to re-edit all my images and add more to the album in the future. Bosnia is a beautiful country. So are the people. War is not. A little more of the story and a few more images can be found on my site here.

photocrati gallery


(Jason Minick, is owner/photographer at Minick Photography)

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