Eclectic Interior Design(ers)?


I’m a commercial photographer. She’s an elementary school teacher. It’s an interesting mix for sure. We’re not professional interior designers (just yet!), but we have quickly become eclectic interior designers in our pad.

Interior design and photography go hand in hand. It’s not a new concept by any means. What has become popular is incorporating an eclectic mix of personal photos (old and new), family heirlooms and acquired antique pieces into a common theme in your home. Think small scale TGI Fridays’ or Applebee’s interior design concept.


It’s a simple way to relive trips, family history, and just life in general while giving your home a fresh, original look that sets your décor off from the neighbors. It also eliminates the need for those dreaded old wall photo frames that hold 40 photos. Sorry if you have one. Really, I’m sorry. (more…)

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