Nikon D800 Video Rig

To all my photo and video friends out there…the Nikon D800 is a game changer! I have used a JVC HD camera to grab video for clients while on still jobs for several years now. After upgrading to the D800s earlier this year I realized how much potential this multimedia machine had but I just kept putting off setting up a rig for it since I was busy doing, well, photos. The last few small video jobs I did with the JVC I knew full well the 800’s would do an amazing job and lighten my load a bit…so after stewing over what set up to get I dove in. I opted to not get a full video rig…they are pretty bulky and expensive so I looked at a simpler set up and this is what I came up with! Here are several photos of one of my 800’s sporting its new, albeit fairly simple, video rig set up. I supplemented the camera with a focusing handle to pull focus, a Juiced Link pre-amp and a shotgun mic (and some older lavalier mics) Looking forward to pushing these cameras hard shooting stills and video for years to come! Feel free to contact me and tell me how you are doing “it”!



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