Resolving to collaborate more in ’15

2014. Well, that’s a wrap. My rule is to not look back and ponder or  rest on my laurels too much, instead, move forward. But I still always take a little time to reflect on the past year in business around this time – good for any profession really. I also used to check and see how far my hair had receded over the course of the year, but that’s so 2007. They are simple questions with some complex answers. What worked? What didn’t? What worked is easy. Take it and run with it into the new year. Maybe see if you can tweak it and make it even better?! What didn’t? Well, that’s where it gets tricky. We don’t always like to acknowledge our pitfalls.

Fortunately for me 2014 didn’t have many “didn’ts”. It was a great year. My client base grew and I was busy. Very busy.  However, there was one hurdle that folks didn’t really see since it was more of a mental one…I was becoming a bit comfortable and even a little complacent with my work at times…maybe it was more of a rut. Kind of like the writer’s block of photography. It happens. The good news was I recognized it and knew I needed to challenge and push myself creatively. Even look for new ways to expand the business.

That’s not to say I was slacking or my work was lacking quality. My goal, in fact, has always been to capture compelling, storytelling still images and video, maintain a streamline workflow, build that collaborative team environment I love with clients and crew and as always, form long term partnerships with clients. “Collaborative”…it’s been part of my goal and what I strive for. I love it. I do it. It’s what I need to do more of to take things to the next level in 2015.

Throughout 2014 the work kept coming and I was pretty happy – as were my clients (I hope!). Many projects small and large were completed. One particular cool video project that comes to mind was a mini-documentary “On Hallowed Ground: Gettysburg in History and Memory”. My buddy Ed over at Media Boomtown and I spent two days on the Gettysburg Battlefield. It was an amazing collaboration. So much so that Minick Photography and Media Boomtown look to join forces in 2015 on several more large projects. We even have some top-secret future plans in the works. (Insert evil laugh here).

I also returned to Philadelphia again for a weeklong gig for Reebok. I worked closely with numerous marketing and web folks to produce the content they needed on a daily basis. We did a lot of collaborating. I even photographed Shaq but now I’m just bragging.

I was asked by my pastor around Thanksgiving if I would help with an Advent video project he was thinking about. Sure! We collaborated and developed a great four part series that was incorporated into the Advent season. I volunteered for this project. Sometimes those occasional projects are more rewarding than paid gigs.

The answer to my hurdle was more obvious than my bald spot…and that’s pretty glaring. I actually use it as a reflector on photoshoots!

I love what I do and think I am pretty good at it, but I also think teaming up more often makes an for an even better, more creative process and product. It’s also very beneficial to the client even if it means just sitting down with them and bouncing ideas back and forth prior to the project. It helps ensure a successful outcome. The biggest advantage – resources, talent and great ideas can be pooled to help convey the message. Aristotle said it best. “The whole is more than the sum of its parts” The same can be said for the creative process.

I don’t do the typical resolutions but here’s hoping 2015 is a collaborative collaboration of collaborating collaborators (whew)?!

Happy New Year!




 Goofing off after a 2014 shoot with Fogarty Homes owner and best friend Brad Haubert. Notice my bald head and reflector both bounce  light.




(Jason Minick, is owner/photographer at Minick Photography)

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