On Location

Check out “On Location” as Minick Photography briefly describes and shows some of the behind the scenes goings-on and final images. Location shoots can be crazy, challenging, fast paced (or slow paced), stressful, and fun all rolled up into one gig. One of the most important things that make a shoot really successful and productive is simple… teamwork. I often work with my clients and their marketing and public relations staff in addition to agency folks, models and other assistants as needed. One team. One goal.  Make it happen. Make it look good while it happens regardless of the conditions.

The Assignment: Shoot 12 cardio team members for a high profile ad for the client on white seamless. Sounds simple. Shoot it in the hospital’s small 3rd floor lobby after a meeting. Harder. They won’t be all together at one time (there wouldn’t be enough room to photograph them all at once anyway)… and when they are there you have a few minutes for each doctor or PA. Ugh.

The Set Up: To keep the set up pretty simple I used my white seamless backdrop, two strobes to light up the backdrop, a large softbox just off camera as the main light and a reflector mounted on a stand for added fill. This created a very soft and even light. The white seamless allowed for easy clean up of each photo and pure white backgrounds for the agency’s graphic artist to work with.

The Shoot: Photograph each doctor or PA individually as they are available. Get various poses of each one so the graphic artist can then position them in the ad making for a clean grouping with nice composition. I photographed each subject facing in opposite directions and numerous positions to achieve this. Oh yeah, do this all quickly before the team scatters. For this shoot, ad agency TCG advertising and design was on hand to help me out.

The final product: This very large, double truck ad (across two pages) ran (and as of today is still running) for nearly a week in The Patriot-News. It makes a statement.





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