Remember to always put your best face forward.

Remember to always put your best face forward!

Let’s face it (pun intended) in today’s fast paced, high tech, social networking, multi-tasking, crazy world first impressions are even more important than ever. Something as simple as a good looking, professional headshot can help accomplish this. Whether you are a big time corporate CEO or small business owner, an up and coming model, doctor, lawyer or politician running for office you need to make sure the headshot you attach to your press releases, post on your website or use on social media doesn’t look like your driver’s license photo from 1985. You want it to look professional and be current; then at the very least have it reshot every 3-5 years.

It amazes me how many times I am out shooting new staff headshots for my clients and get the “Just use the old one.” “I had hair then.”  “I weighed 30 pounds less.” “I just looked better 25 years ago.” Really? I understand why folks hesitate but do you really want to have a 10 or 20-year old photo represent you now? I suppose if you wait long enough your attire will come back in style. We all want to look younger I suppose but when a potential customer strolls into your business looking for the 30 year old with a thick head of hair but instead finds the 50 year old bald guy (I hear bald is beautiful) sitting in the boss’s chair they may think twice about how you have represented yourself from the get go. This goes for the ladies, too.

Don’t sweat it. Professional photographers have a knack for making their subjects look good at any age, size, or shape!

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